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From the Desk of Dustin Clemons. 6/1/2020

I don’t know how many times these past few months I’ve said the words “I can’t believe” and again, I can’t believe something happened to us that actually put the pandemic on the backburner. As I watched a group of people this week express their emotions, disappointment of inequality and losing people in their community to police violence, I couldn’t help but to think of Martin Luther King Jr. and wondered what would he have to say. How would he feel about our current state? What would his plan be to lead us out of it?

I, myself could barely watch the video that surfaced on social media platforms and couldn’t imagine that someone sworn to protect and serve can be so careless of the life of another human being. I am sick and deeply saddened by the action of the cop on Monday and want justice for the family; but I couldn’t help but to think of those cops that want to save lives and of those cops that quickly hop out their vehicle to help an elderly lady cross the street. Further, not all officers terrorize the neighborhood’s they patrol, a large majority are hardworking, family oriented, caring individuals who sacrifice their lives with great courage and devotion to duty.

Moreover, I was disappointed at how one person’s actions stain the work of the good cops and want to convey my regards to the looting and riots, and that is, I do not under no circumstances or situation condone it because I believe the best gifts come after hard work. Additionally, I couldn’t help but to wish I owned one of the stores that got broken into and wondered if I’d actually feel bad that the people who have been left behind for years finally got a few freebies. All brick and mortar owners should have insurance especially the large corporations that were mostly hit, so don’t be as mad. These people have lost their low paying jobs and didn’t get the stimulus they were promised, they have lost their livelihoods and human connection due to the pandemic; and they have lost another life, live on television.

And finally, you may ask how do we go forward? We apply ourselves, learn economics, learn how to build and grow your own business and employ people of different diversities, study the establishment and plan your move into the world of business. I believe instead of focusing on the unfairness of the system, you learn the system; information is available to all people and today a business can be started on the internet and become profitable. I feel this is the way to make change. Lastly, I couldn’t help but to feel that even MLK himself, with all his great preaching at peaceful protest, was alive today to witness what has gone on these past days. I could picture him in a cell shaking his head saying with a smirk, “These young people are something else”.


Bank of America CEO said Thursday, “Balances of checking accounts below $5,000 had 30% to 40% more money in them compared with 12 weeks ago”, He saw this as a good sign for the economy and I saw it as people saving money because the big bills will come in the future; I ask people to invest and try to grow your own money in the stock market or other means. Don’t just leave it in the bank because the bank will surely be making money off of your deposit. I see the market in red this week but if we see green on Monday, then you know the looting wasn’t as bad after all and the insurance money will have stakeholders smiling to the bank.

Lasting Quote:

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Until the next, I thank you for your time.

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