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From the Desk of Dustin Clemons. 5/25/2020

I have decided in the last few weeks that I will begin to make periodic post about my outlook and views on business and everyday life. In the last months, I have seen the drastic change we have all endured; I, myself am now even more grateful of the information that I have learned and compiled and see the value of sharing some of the blessings I have received. I won’t be sending out any funding because you can’t build wealth and lose a penny at the same time. I choose to offer something more valuable, which is a piece of my thoughts; an unbiased, educated opinion. I thank in advance all that may benefit, and this will be the only acknowledgement of those who hate; there will be no acknowledgement of those types. All that I promise from this action is to keep it short and sweet. A note to those who protect their future outlook, and a lasting quote for the days ahead.  

On this Memorial Day in 2020 and during our country’s setback, I get a renewed feeling of gratefulness for my own Father’s unselfishness; I never really understood the significance of the COP/E7 under sponsor rank on my military ID as a kid or why he would get saluted at certain places we would go, but as we struggle to figure out what’s going on in present time, I often ask is it really so bad right now? or did he really go through hell? He left South Carolina not knowing if he would return, who knows if I may have been here today. On this day and every day, I thank all those we have lost and all those who currently fight the brave fight; and I thank their family members who also sacrifice.     


My outlooks this week are focused on the global markets and personal business activity. I see green this week, but I’m still not going all in until I see a big drop in new people going into the hospital country wide. We are starting a new marketing campaign with BLO. WA will be doing more R&D and speeding up a few products as we see even more need in our forthcoming W.A. Control Software as our country starts back up.      

Lasting Quote: 

Now that some have thrown out the mask, don’t misinterpret all of the smiles” 

-Dustin Clemons 

Until the next, I thank you for your time.   

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