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Photo Video Capturer

Been Raw Catalogs LLC |  Los Angeles, United States  |  BRC-71492

Technology has allowed us to experience and capture art in so many ways and with the abilities in new devices, we have never seen a more opportunistic time in the entertainment industry. We have seen award winning clips filmed on mobile phones, hit records crafted in studio apartments, and talent discovered in another country from just a picture on social media. Been Raw Catalogs has taken the initiative to combine new age production techniques with experience to expose the world to the newest and most original entertainment by working with established talent and accepting new talent to polish, mold, and guide.


At Been Raw Catalogs, we work with the newest and most efficient production equipment, collaborate on high-risk budgeted projects, and team up with some of the most talented individuals from around the world. Been Raw Catalogs understands that advances in technology have kept media at our fingertips, it is up to us to bring the best talent to consumers.




Intern works with the Founder and President of Been Raw Catalogs. You will utilize some the most technological advance entertainment production equipment to capture media in all formats in the best quality possible. After onboarding, you will be flying a drone to capture the best 4k video for an upcoming feature film, record over a dozen audio channels and work the video flow for an upcoming live podcast, or snap the best shots on the beach of one of our upcoming music artists.



80% of capturing media in all digital formats, utilizing cameras, sound recorders, and handling other production equipment.


10% of collaboration with managers and other team members.


10% of meetings, e-mails, and other corporate communication, events, and outreach.






  • 6 - 12-month Internship.


  • Employee perks after 90 days.


  • College Credits and Real-world training.

  • Commission and Royalty Opportunities.



Mandatory Qualifications:


Creative and Technical education areas are excepted. Been Raw Catalogs is at the forefront of technology within the entertainment industry; manages and produces talent and entertainment, and guides that material through many distribution channels.


  • 2 – 3 years of Media Capturing experience; i.e., taking photos, recording video, and capturing sound.


  • Current college student pursuing a degree from an accredited University or College is preferred.


  • Recent College Graduates (minimum of 3 months removed from schooling).


  • Ability to quickly learn new technology.



Employees are required to maintain compliance with California’s COVID-19 prevention Emergency Temporary Standards, which include current public health guidelines and recommendations from the CDC.



Been Raw Catalogs does not accept unsolicited resumes from third-party recruiters.


Been Raw Catalogs is an equal opportunity employer.


Been Raw Catalogs will perform a background check on those hired.

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